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Concours Photos AgriNature 2024 

14e édition
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This year, the AgriNature competition is getting a makeover with 1 new category!

AgriNature 2024 registration

AgriNature Regulation 2024

Form & Rules. Applications open on 01.04.2024.

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The competition :

The AgriNature Photo Competition created in 2010 will celebrate its 14th edition at the Libramont Agricultural Fair next July!
It aims to illustrate biodiversity in agricultural environments and the landscapes of Wallonia. It is open to all photographers, amateurs or professionals, without distinction of age and nationality.

We invite you to immortalize your contemplations and your encounters, to share the emotion that passes through you in front of these unusual scenes which illustrate the sometimes peaceful, sometimes problematic cohabitation of man and wild nature, in our Walloon countryside.

This competition is organized by the Namur International Nature Festival with the support of SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Natagriwal, the Libramont Agricultural Fair, Demo Forest and L'Avenir.

2024 categories:

At the edge:

At the edge of the woods, at the edge of a meadow or a field? Place of transition, place of change or simply place of meetings! The edge offers renewal and an incredible possibility of photos.

This category targets photos of meadows or fields where we see trees or a forest in the background while saluting sustainable actions on the agricultural or forestry side.

Sustainable agriculture :

This category aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices, that is to say agricultural practices which ensure the preservation of biodiversity or even the strengthening of it in cultivated areas, meadows and orchards. A farm is surrounded by wildlife, sometimes it invites itself into the heart of your farm, so take out your camera and photograph it!

Wild Wallonia:

The most emblematic of our categories, Wild Wallonia highlights the wild and tranquil beauty in the heart of our forests, our fauna and our flora. Formerly an integral part of the Namur International Nature Festival Competition, it is today in the AgriNature competition that this category is exclusively taken up.

Human and Nature:

Wildlife is everywhere, as are traces of human presence. It's not always easy to completely isolate an animal from humans. This category is the category where humans and wildlife coexist in a new harmony.

Youth :

For all photographers under 21 years old (born after June 15, 2003), all categories combined.

Prix 2024 :

7 prizes to be won for a total value of €3,000:

  • The big price,

  • The “On the Edge” Prize,

  • The “Sustainable Agriculture” Prize,

  • The “Wild Wallonia” Prize,

  • The “Man & Nature” Prize,

  • The “Youth” Prize,

  • The Public Price.

Le jury

Our AgriNature 2024 partners:

Nous sommes en bonne compagnie. 

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