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Nature is a spectacle. The International Festival Nature Namur (FINN) decided to stage it each year by devoting an momentous week. If FINN has given itself a mission it’s that of wonder. By sharing with the public exceptional images, it raises awareness of the richness of the natural world around  and encourages  to adopt a responsible attitude in relation to its environment.


Born in 1995, the Finn is now the meeting place for the lovers of nature and beautiful images, bringing together each year more than 35.000 spectators and visitors of all backgrounds! With it’s three international competitions - photos, home movies and professional films - and it’s many outdoor activities, it is now placed among the 5 biggest European events of the kind, bringing together  each year photographers and filmmakers from around the world.




Over the years, thanks to an increasingly competent and dynamic team, the International Nature Namur Festival has gained fame far beyond the borders of Belgium. For the 21th edition, the event resolutely opened to the world: more than 30 nationalities are represented in effect , through

50 films and hundreds of photos on display and in competition! For the first time in the Festival's history, countries such as South Africa, China, the United States, Japan, Australia, Russia, Iceland and India have joined the program. Not to mention the amount of filmmakers and photographers who also responded to the call by sending us their pictures from the 4 corners of Europe.


300 movies and 5000 pictures in competition! Needless to say that preselection work is arduous and exciting. How to choose among many, for the majority exceptional, images ? Discover during 10 days our selection of photos and wildlife documentaries, among the finest in the world!


Everyone knows, biodiversity is at risk. May these fabulous images touch you, dazzle you and bring you a little closer to that wilderness which is crumbling more day by day ...

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