Recent category of the Festival, the number of "ultra-shorts" films sent to the Festival grows over the editions. Open to professionals and amateurs, this contest gives only one rule, a maximum length of one minute.

Discover the 6 ultra-shorts films in competition 2018 during the Gala evening hosted by Caroline Veyt and Tanguy Dumortier

Saturday, the 13th of October at 20:00 | Halls 4 and 5 of Acinapolis | 16 €


Presentation by order of appearance at the gala of amateur films

(The) flamingo dance

Marco Branchi – 2018 – Italy – 0’58

A flamingo is feeding in the water of a pond, moving its legs to the rhythm of flamenco.

(Les) renards Flagada et Espiègle

André Pondant – 2018 – Belgium – 0’59

When a fox is brimming with flights of imagination to invite one of his congeners to play with him…

My nest

Jean-François Le Clainche – 2018 – France – 1’00

How can you manage to get an attractive burrow when the necessary material is playing tricks?

Little yellow

Philippe Lebeaux – 2018 – France – 1’00

Let’s observe the life of an unsuspected micro fauna at the surface of a temporary pond in the Cevennes National Park.

J'irai couver sur vos tombes

Daniel Auclair – 2018 – France – 0’58

To hatch one’s eggs properly, you need a total quietness… You just have to find the ideal location.

Ca chatouille ou ça gratouille

Jean-Paul Morniroli – 2018 – France – 1’00

Birds are parodying Jules Romains’s words that have become very famous thanks to the French actor Louis Jouvet in the movie “Knock.”

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