The FINN will invest the city of Namur in 3 areas , between Oct. 13th to Oct. 22th.

Rue de la Gare Fleurie 16, 5100 Jambes

Place Saint-Aubain 3, 5000 Namur


Route Merveilleuse 64, 5000 Namur

The Acinapolis is the largest cinema complex in the Namur region ! The rooms are all equipped with dolby digital sound and have a capacity of up to 400 seats . Giant screens occupy the entire width of the room. A safety is ensured and access to disabled people is of course provided in all rooms.

The Citadel of Namur has always occupied a strategic position in the heart of Europe. First command center of an important county in the Middle Ages , it was then coveted and besieged by all the Great in Europe between the 15th and 19th century. Today is the tourist who goes to storm the citadel, privileged witness of 2000 years of history.

At the heart of the old city of Namur, the FINN invested Francis Brewery where you can admire pictures exposed in his superb Napoleon III room.


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