The registrations to the International Nature Photo Contest of Namur 2021 are open from 1st February to 15 August 2021. The registration to this competition is free of cost and is done online on this page.


The 27th edition of the Festival International Nature Namur will take place from Friday 15th to Sunday 24th of October 2021. For this edition, the selected photographs of the International Nature Photo Contest of Namur will be exhibited in the "Village Nature", a real forum for image lovers to exchange.


Do not hesitate to share your passion by registering your photographs under the following categories :

  • Flora : all plants including algae, mosses, ferns and also lichens and mushrooms.

  • Humans and Nature : presence of an element that was built by human beings.

  • Humor : funny scenes of the nature wildlife (animals, plants, landscapes, …).

  • Mammals : photographs of land, marine and aerial mammals.

  • Mini-series : a consistent series of 3 to 5 photographs about one theme.

  • Less than 18 years : only photographers born after 15 August 2003 are allowed to register.

  • Nature in movement : including animals, flora and landscapes (examples: attacking mammals, diving birds of prey, a tree in a storm, an avalanche).

  • Birds : all kinds of bird species.

  • Landscapes : nature image of land, sea, lakes, sunrise, sunset, …

  • Other animals : all other classes than mammals or birds, i.e. reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods (insects, arachnids, myriapods, shellfish), molluscs, echinoderms, annelids, cnidarians, …

If you have any question about this competition, please contact us.



Step 1

Read the rules.

Step 2

Fill out the online form and mention that you accept the rules of the competition.

Do not forget to upload your photographs.

Warning ! 

Please rename your photographs in the following way :



Avoid accents and punctuation signs in the nomenclature.


Click below to have access to the rules of the International Nature Photo Contest of Namur 2021 in PDF format.

Fill in the online registration form below to register your photos. You can register up to 8 photographs and 1 consistent mini-series of 3 to 5 photos.
If the form does not appear correctly on your screen, you can open it via this link.

The contest exhibition at the Festival

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