From the 12th to the 21st of October, the Nature Village at Acinapolis will host 9 photo exhibitions alongside the prestigious International Nature Photo Contest of Namur.



Stéphanie and David ALLEMAND

This story started when I discovered a hole in an old oak tree near our house. One day I saw her, blended in the bark, and sunbathing! What a wonderful surprise, getting a glimpse of the tawny owl in daylight! She is usually an extremely discreet night bird. After more than ten years of research, observation and communion with nature, we can offer to the public our work showing all kinds of European owls.

Latitude Animale

Teddy BRACARD, Michel d’OULTREMONT, Myriam DUPOUY, Eric LE GO, et Jean-Marie SÉVENO

What can a springtail and a fox, a grebe and a guanaco, or even a deer and an elephant have in common? As a matter of fact, a lot: they are all an integral part of biodiversity and they had the good fortune of crossing the eye of talented photographers who participate in this 6th exhibition.

Bugey sauvage


He is presenting his first book of nature photographs about the Bugey situated in the south of the Jura mountain region. This exhibition is the extension of the book. You will be allowed to discover the wildcat, the badger, etc. in uncommon lighting, and unusual compositions opening the field of our gaze and enhancing the appeal of nature in the Jura mountain region.



In the full heart of winter and for one month he hiked in the wild valleys of the Yellowstone. His goal was clear: to isolate himself fully from the rest of the park and find an icy solitude. The cold was precisely one of the major challenges of this trip, with -35°C or -44°C in the mornings. In that month he walked side by side with a large fauna: buffaloes, coyotes, otters, elands or even wolves.

Lac Kariba : Homme et Nature, un équilibre délicat

Elyane and Cédric JACQUET

In Zimbabwe, the building of a dam on the Zambezi River at the end of the fifties gave birth to the largest artificial water storage ever. The local population had to be displaced and more than 6,000 big animals joined new Wildlife Sanctuaries. New equilibriums, new biotopes: a series of photographs reveals the natural beauty of this magical place, and another series illustrates the new way of life of the Tongas.


Jean-Michel LECAT

A nature lover from his early childhood, he grew up between the marshlands and the Bay of the Somme. In 2007 he returned to his passion for wildlife and for birds in particular. Since then he has been organising sessions to teach sculpture and photography to beginners, and to more seasoned persons who wish to perfect their skills or to discover new species or new horizons. This exhibition shows a variety of his favourite pictures taken in the course of his many trips to Senegal.

La Baie de Somme vue du ciel


You are invited to discover the beauty of the Bay of the Somme from the sky, with its sandbanks, its surprising graphics, its colours and the magic lights that make it one of the real treasures of the French Wild Heritage.

50 nuances de gris


Waiting to be surprised by the unlikely on the fringe of daybreak in the first rays of light, like in the interstices of nightfall, far from the human turmoil, I let time escape, giving room for 50 shades of grey. With an excessive use of red, the colours have bled out, leaving us alone in the grey of our demons, with as sole hope the wake of life! 50 shades of grey, it is up to us to reinvent, to imagine, to dream of a new world, a world to be filled with colours, a world of joy, of unlimited happiness.

Wapusk - Ours polaires

Dorota et Bruno SÉNÉCHAL

They headed in winter to Canada, to the North of Manitoba for a rare, unique and intimate experience with the polar bears. With a temperature of -57°C, the conditions of their work of photographers were an ordeal, but the reward is up to the sacrifices. They have managed to capture moments of complicity and tenderness between the mothers and their cubs.

Exposition des 131 photos cosmopolites sélectionnées par un jury de professionnels au travers des neuf catégories de cette année. À savourer sans modération au cœur du Village Nature du Festival !

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