This year, 453 films have been received in competitions in our amateur film category. Many Belgian and foreign filmmakers have sent the result of their passion for nature and cinema. The selection committee has had all the difficulties to finalize the selection of this 2018 edition and this year has selected 16 films in competition.

A great defender of amateur filmmakers since ever, the International Nature Namur Festival is once again organizing a gala evening to highlight the fruit of the meticulous work of these enthusiasts.

Discover the 16 amateur films in competition 2018 during the Gala evening hosted by Caroline Veyt and Tanguy Dumortier

Saturday, the 13th of October at 20:00 | Halls 4 and 5 of Acinapolis | 16 €


Presentation by order of appearance at the gala of amateur films

10 mois pour quelques secondes

Thomas Jean – 2018 – Belgium – 4’53

Nature’s presence in the city is sometimes unsuspected. For ten months I have been observing extraordinary animals living in Brussels. Nature is present, all around us, even in the city. Let’s just keep our eyes open!

(L)’odyssée des têtards

Philippe De Korte – 2018 – Belgium – 5’00

Waking from their hibernation, the amphibians have only one goal, breeding.  Are we going to be invaded by thousands of tadpoles swarming on the other side of the mirror? Let’s dive into that unknown and fascinatingly alive universe.

(Le) tombeau des épuisés

Marion Fernandez – 2018 – France – 5’00

The high sea is an immense crossroad of destinies. The ships at sea are stopovers for the migratory birds. During that brief moment bonds of solidarity are created between the sailors and their winged guests.


Catherine Valle – 2018 – Ecuador – 2’58

In the depths of the ocean a shark teaches his son swimming and hunting. Exploring the seabed they are chasing the frightened fish. The lesson comes suddenly to an end when father shark disappears.

Soyons curieux : Le castor

Eline Botte – 2018 – Belgium – 5’00

“Soyons curieux” aims at making us discover biodiversity in Belgium. In this episode we are observing the European beaver and its behaviour…without neglecting giving a few hints to enable us to catch a glimpse of it.

Brame en Périgord

Gaël Mange – 2017 – France – 5’00

From the dawn of time the deer has been present in human memory. Nowadays, you can hear the deer stags roaring in Périgord, like in the time of the first human. Like this first human we are still hypnotised by this animal.

Bécasseaux, tournepierres : Gangsters des plages !

Florian Desmarchelier – 2018 – France – 5’00

Two gangs are imposing their law in the Morbihan Gulf. The Turnstones and the Sandpipers are daily using the beach at low tide as their squat. You had rather stay out of their way!

Ch(i)êne de vie

Frank Pizon – 2018 – France – 3’57

That afternoon a blue tit dropped an oak acorn from its beak. Since then the acorn has grown into an oak among its congeners. With nature’s help it has grown for decades, but one day human beings go by!

Oiseaux modernes : origine

François Guibert – 2018 – France – 5’00

10,400 bird species are living in the world and have colonised all land environments. The discovery of new fossils is enlightening us about the evolution of birds and about the coming of modern birds.

(L)'âge des jours

Julien Deper – 2018 – Belgium – 5’00

This morning of the day, the old oak has gone in the last breath of a whisper, this way and still, slowly, all sadness. The din of silence has come to take him…

Apocalypse dragonfly

Fabian Demily – 2018 – Belgium – 5’00

During a routine patrol above Famenne, soldier Juliet loses control of her craft. She ends up mired and surrounded by enemy aircrafts in unknown territory. A rescue mission is now being launched!

Rêveries sur notre terre

Philippe Allard – 2018 – Belgium – 4’56

As seasons go by, the earth offers humans and wildlife an immeasurable wealth for them to bloom up and breed. And what do we, humans do to help our earth?

I am fragile

Florian Ledoux – 2017 – France – 2’51 – OV with French subtitles

Polar bears, walruses and all species of whales move around the Arctic searching for food. During the summer the animals have to find enough food in order to gather supplies for their survival.

Bird story

Xavier Pirson – 2018 – Belgium – 5’00

The Pixar studios are still shaking… A bird feeder monitored by a video camera allows some birds to play the best role of their winter life. ‘’It’s delicious but so cold!”

Some of us

Courtney Robinson – 2017 – Great Britain – 5’00 – OV with French subtitles

What if the trees had their own dreams, ambitions and goals in life, could they not be compared to humans? Or have humans forgotten how close they are to nature and its life cycle?

Je suis un nuisible

Adrien Favre – 2017 – France – 2’41

Walking in his father’s company a child’s eyes cross the eyes of a wild animal. This visual exchange is going to overturn and influence his choices in life… A look is worth a thousand words!

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